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At Enhanced Coding, we like to share and contribute to the information economy. Here's a list of curated content that we think you'll find interesting - some written by us, some that we found interesting.

Happy New Year from everyone at Enhanced Coding

Merry Christmas everyone

Great overview of JWT tokens, and how to use them:

Boston Dynamics SpotMini robot has a lifelike gait and new look

Amazing work by Boston Dynamics - can you imagine writing the software for this?

It's Christmas time at Enhanced Coding!

Paging in MongoDB – How to Actually Avoid Poor Performance? - CodeProject

Optimisation your DB queries for speed is crucial - here are some tips if you're using MongoDB

How we adapted the mobile site for the iPhone X notch.

Great example of adaptive page design.

Walkthrough of Xamarin in VS2017 - Part One - CodeProject

Interesting basic introduction to Xamarin

Fancy hearing Bon Jovi sum up common API issues?

Awwwards - Website Awards - Best Web Design Trends

Amazing examples of real cutting edge web design

Excited for the first talk at

Enhanced Coding

Just delivered a new website for a customer offering guided cycling holidays in Mallorca - gorgeous site.

I just delivered my first business seminar at Leeds Business Week - great fun, and a great response

Loved the subtle nuance here, although anyone writing ++x + x++ is unlikely to get a job with us!

Successful Software Projects - Leeds Business Week

Looking forward to hosting our seminar at Leeds Business Week next week. Sign up and come and join us.

How to Level Up Your .NET Website Deployment Process - CodeProject

It's often worth taking the time to automating your deployment process early. It can massively improve your products testing & quality. Here's a walkthrough for a very similar setup to one we've used before with clients.

Documenting Core 2.0 Web API - CodeProject

Never forget how important documenting your public APIs is. Here's a quick way to automate that using code comments - keeping the documentation in source control next to the code.

Successful Software Projects - Leeds Business Week

Leeds business week booking is hotting up. We're hosting a seminar - sign up to come and join us.

Successful Software Projects - Leeds Business Week

Pleased to announce that we're hosting a seminar at Leeds Business Week. Sign up and come and join us.

What Is The Difference Between Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning?

Did you ever wonder what is the difference between AI and ML?