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Enhanced Audit

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Enhanced Audit

Enhanced Audit

The Client

Enhanced Audit is being produced in house as a standalone software product.

The Problem

There are many circumstances where information needs to be captured in a structured, reliable way – and then analysed or acted upon. In industries as diverse as marketing, auditing, health and safety, and construction (to name a few) there is a desire to automate or streamline this process.

In some cases this is driven by a desire to simplify or to improve how the data is captured, in other cases there are strong legislative penalties for getting it wrong.

Traditionally, products that plug this gap have done so by providing pre-designed inflexible questionnaires suitable only for your industry, or by tying you into their brand of equipment or methodology without scope for deviation.

The Solution

Enhanced Audit approaches the problem in a different way – giving you full flexibility to create and structure the questions and answers in whichever way most benefits your business.

Questionnaire generation

The unique questionnaire generation system allows the user to build a questionnaire intuitively, and embed in it the necessary rules to meet their goals. Either starting from scratch, or using one of our suggested templates – it’s easy to build a set of questions that capture the information you need to make informed decisions and carry out corrective action.

Multi-Device Capture

Questionnaires can be filed in on whatever device works best for your business. Apps will be provided for iPhone/iPad, OSX, Android, Windows Mobile, & Windows 10 – as well as the ability to complete any questionnaire via your web browser. Need to capture on your phone – no problem; prefer an IP68 rated device – we’ve got that covered too.

Automated Sensors

Enhanced Audit was designed to make data capture easy, so lots of automated sensors are supported. Most devices have gps capabilities, a gyroscope, a microphone, and a camera. The outputs from any of these can be used to answer your questions and save you the hassle of typing. Support for probes and ph meters on certain devices is coming, and we're always looking to add more.

Comprehensive Reporting

There's no point capturing data if you can't get decent results out the other end. Enhanced Audit provides a large number of different ways of visualising your data. The answers to individual questions can be listed out, or plotted by time, popularity, or both; different questions can be overlaid and compared or combined to see how they affect each other. The full range of data can be explored easily, starting at a top level view, and allowing you to drill down into individual questionnaire results if necessary.

Follow up Actions

Certain responses have special meaning for your business, and there are specific results that should trigger a response. Enhanced Audit allows you to build those requirements directly into the questionnaire. Fire off a warning email, notify a manager, trigger a follow-up action, and more - you can build intelligence directly into the system to ensure that you never forget. Actions can be triggered based on individual responses, a cumulative risk score, or even a time based threshold (i.e. so many bad answers in a week).

All Audited

Since the responses given to your questions often form the backbone of your business decisions, it's important to know where the data came from. Every piece of information entered is recorded. Changes to questionnaires are versioned, and questionnaire results, if changed, have a permanent history. The user, location, date and time are recorded against the change, and authorised users can review this information any time.

Extensible API

Finally, Enhanced Audit was designed to be extensible. The exact same API used to power the system is available for you too - anything you do through our website, you can do programmatically. This allows you to hook Enhanced Audit directly into your business systems and leverage the power of its data capture and reporting engines to enhance your existing applications.


There are so many ways Enhanced Audit can help business, check out our microsite ( for all the latest news and information.

The Technology

Written in MVC and Web API, using Entity Framework and a SQL server back-end. Synchronisation using a standardised JSON API. Cross-Platform mobile apps developed using Xamarin in Visual Studio.